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We may have fun with our TV commercials but we are nothing but serious when it comes to dealing with your claim and negotiating with the insurance company. Enjoy the commercials!

Have you got water where it doesn’t belong?

Flooding in a bathroom or living room? Got broken pipes, overflows, even rain? Call us first for a free inspection. Don’t let the insurance company talk you into less money than you need. If you’ve got water where it doesn’t belong, call 800-LAW-4141. We aim to get you more than they offer and may even be able to reverse a denial. Why pay out of your own pocket? If you’ve got water where it doesn’t belong, call the The Professional Law Group. We’re the Pros at 800-LAW-4141.

You get fire or water damage; there’s one word you don’t want to hear from your insurance company: Denied.

If your property damage claim has been denied, call us The Professional Law Group.  We’ll come to you and assess your damage free of charge. We’re the pros at getting the insurance companies’ attention, and if they won’t pay, we’ll meet them here in the courtroom. Is your claim denied? Call the Pros and get your free damage assessment.

Water damage?

You call the insurance company and they offer you a small check? Take it but don’t sign the release. There could be damage lurking behind those cabinets, underneath the floors, or even behind those walls. Call the The Professional Law Group, we’re the Pros, the experts at property damage. We’ll come to you and assess your damage free of charge. Property damage claim? Call 800-LAW-4141. Helping you is what we do.

Storm damage and you’re insured?

We’re the Pros! The insurance company may owe you more. There could be hidden damage, or their estimate could be too low. Call 800-LAW-4141 and with us you’ll have no out-of-pocket expense. We’re the Florida Professional Law Group. We want you to get more money now and later.

Promises… there are a lot of good promises in your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Pages and pages of good promises. You get storm damage and you ask for a check? You think the insurance company is going to give you everything? They’re trying to save money. We’re The Professional Law Group. We work to get you what you deserve, and with us you’ll have no out-of-pocket expense. Storm damage? Call the pros at 800-LAW-4141. Shouldn’t every promise be kept?

Home or business damaged by heavy wind, hail, driving rain, or lightning?

How much is the insurance company supposed to pay? You can take the first check but don’t sign the release. Often there’s damage you don’t see. Call the pros at 800-LAW-4141. We’re The Professional Law Group. We’ve gotten people more money than the insurance company’s first offer. And we’ll come to you to assess your damage free of charge. Weather damage? There may be more to get it done. Call the Pros!

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