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We are attorneys. We have a strong understanding of how insurance companies operate. We help clients with new, delayed, underpaid, and denied insurance claims. Our attorneys and full team of experts are the only professionals that you need for your claim.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people whose lives or businesses have been disrupted by property damage from an insured event. We do this through strategic and aggressive claim management so clients can recover a fair settlement, fix their damage, and get back to normal.

Our Clients

Our clients include people, businesses and organizations who have suffered an insured loss and who want to be treated fairly by their insurance company so that they can recover the money to which they are entitled under their insurance policy. Our clients are property owners, business owners, mortgage lenders, investors, and associations. We even assist public adjusters.

Our Story

When I started my career almost 30 years ago, I knew that I wanted to create a law firm that would be both of service and of value to clients, and through that in my own way, make people’s lives better. Every day we get calls from upset people whose lives or businesses have been put into disarray or suffered a loss through no fault of their own. Hurricane damage. Fires. Mold. Plumbing leaks. Burst pipes and broken drain lines. Vandalism and burglaries. Lightning strikes. And the list goes on. We protect our clients so they can get a fair settlement and can get back to normal. And with that, I do believe that I am fulfilling my younger self’s vision of helping to make people’s lives better.

Marc Ben-Ezra, Managing Attorney

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Community Involvement

Florida Professional Law Group is committed to giving back to our local community in a multitude of ways, including through our involvement with Habitat for Humanity.

five stars outlines

“First let me say sincere thanks for taking my case and with the utmost care and diligence we were successful against insurance bullies. Because of you I am able to restore my home. I lived in fear every time I heard that bad weather was coming my way and in the state of Fl that’s almost every day. I want to thank attorney Foglia who was always a listening ear when I grew more and more fearful of leaking and mold and I was constantly making repairs. Thanks to Shane who also treated me like family for always recognizing my voice, my name and my case. I am grateful to you guys for your professional care of this case. I’m eternally grateful and I’ll tell everyone I know about this law firm. You are AWESOME! Thanks again.”

Maureen B.


Take Charge of Your Property Insurance Claim

No Fee if No Recovery

The Attorney Insurance
Claims Process


Get Facts & Submit Claim

Your insurance claim process starts with our attorneys and legal assistants working with you to understand what happened, gather documentation and determine if anything needs to be done to stabilize the situation. Then we submit your claim to the insurance company. Document all of the damage with pictures, videos and notes. Do not discard damaged materials.


Assess Damage

We’ll send out one of our expert adjusters to inspect your property. Our adjusters are meticulous and will spend the time it takes to make a comprehensive evaluation of your property in order to prepare an estimate of the amount necessary to repair all of the damage. This evaluation is the foundation for our negotiations with the insurance company to get you the settlement that you deserve.


Demand Payment

Our attorneys use our adjuster’s estimate of the damage, along with other items that may be allowed under the terms of your policy and their experience to prepare a demand package for the insurance company. We let them know the amount that you should be paid. If you go through the claims process alone, here’s where you’re likely to get more pushback from the insurance company.



Our attorneys are trained in the art and science of effective negotiation. The insurance company may insist that you comply with “post loss obligations” under the policy and require various things from you. We lead you through all of the details, establishing your claim and protecting your rights. At this stage we bring together all of the facts and the law to negotiate with the insurance company’s adjusters and attorneys to get the money that you deserve.


Manage Settlement & The Mortgage Maze

Once your case is settled with the insurance company we will work to get your check. This can be complicated. Additionally, if there is a mortgage on your property the lender may be able to control how the insurance proceeds are disbursed. We have decades of experience working with mortgage lenders. Between the insurance company and the mortgage company, we won’t let you go it alone. We’ll keep you up to date and work to protect your rights so that you can get your money, fix the property and get back to normal as quickly as possible.


File Lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit may not be necessary, but if your insurance company doesn’t want to play fair and denies or underpays your claim, we’ll “go to the mat” to fight for what you deserve. Our attorneys have the experience and are prepared to take your insurance company to court, if necessary. In fact, we think that your claim is more likely to settle cooperatively when the insurance company knows from the beginning that our attorneys are on your side and are capable of protecting you in court. In most cases there is no fee unless we recover money for you.

Why Choose Us?

Insurance claims are complicated. Our experienced attorneys will hold your insurance company accountable.

Our work is usually contingency-based so there is no fee unless we collect money for you. Call us for a free consultation.

We are committed to delivering five star customer service. Strategic case management and proactive client updates are what you can expect.

Florida Professional Law Group serves the entire state of Florida from the Panhandle to the Keys. We are pleased to work with you by whichever method works best for you: phone, email, video chat, and in-person. Just let us know your preferences.

Our adjusters come to you to conduct a professional inspection of your property in order to prepare a full and complete report and estimate of the damage.

We’re very familiar with most Insurance company’s policies and procedures. We save time by proactively procuring the information we know they’ll demand to settle your claim.

With a full team of experts, we’re the only claim professionals that you need. Our friendly and experienced staff will handle your claim from start to finish. We’ll even take your insurance company to court if necessary.

We’ve recovered settlement funds from insurance companies even after they’ve underpaid or denied claims. Your insurance company has its own adjusters and attorneys. Don’t you deserve to have an attorney on your side?

Hiring an insurance law firm sends the message to your insurance company that won’t accept their unnecessary delays, outrageously low offers, or unwarranted claim denials.

We’ll let you know all the options you have to get the fair settlement you deserve. Will a lawsuit be necessary? Will expert damage analysis be required? We’ll handle your case from start to finish.

Take Charge of Your Property Insurance Claim

Contact us today for a free consultation if your insurance company has given you a low offer or has altogether denied your claim. You likely deserve more.

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