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Pages and pages of good promises. You get storm damage and you ask for a check? You think the insurance company is going to give you everything? They’re trying to save money. We’re The Professional Law Group. We work to get you what you deserve, and with us you’ll have no out-of-pocket expense. Storm damage? Call the pros at 800-LAW-4141. Shouldn’t every promise be kept?

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and the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters and its Community Affairs Committee Staged a Habitat for Humanity of Broward Home Build Day to “Pay It Forward” to a local community in need. FLPLG Attorneys, staff and public insurance adjusters volunteered their time to help build homes.

The organizer of the Habitat “Build Day” program was Marc Ben-Ezra, Managing Attorney for Florida Professional Law Group. Ben-Ezra said, “In our daily work we help homeowners with property damage recover money from their insurance companies so they can restore their homes. This is a great way to help a family to have a home. My law firms have participated in Habitat for Humanity building days for years. They are a great way to give back to the community and are consistent with our law firm’s mission. We frequently work together with public adjusters on these cases. They know a lot about construction and helping homeowners so this whole activity with the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters was a great fit. We discussed the partnership opportunity with FAPIA’s Managing Director, Nancy Dominguez, FAPIA Community Affairs Chair, Karen Schiffmiller and FAPIA President Mike Rump and they enthusiastically got onboard.

We thank Bill Feinberg, Habitat of Broward’s Chairman of the Board and President, Allied Kitchen & Bath for introducing Florida Professional Law Group to the Fort Lauderdale Chapter. We couldn’t be happier to have participated in this meaningful program.”

FAPIA’s President, Mike Rump kicked off the ceremony by saying, “We frequently contribute to our communities. This build day program offers a special avenue for public adjusters and our friends at Florida Professional Law Group to work together to show compassion to help those in need near where we live. We are proud to have public adjusters participate. They have come out from South Florida, Spring Hill, Tampa and from all over the state.”
Schiffmiller said, “We are happy to be here today. I can’t bear the thought of a family not having a home. FAPIA’s Community Affairs mission is to give back. We can all do something to help the families in our communities to have a place to live.”

Brandon James, Legislative Aide and Community Outreach Director for District 92 attended on behalf of Representative Gwendolyn Clarke Reed to show support for this initiative.

During the opening remarks, Robert W. Leider, Habitat for Humanity of Broward Board Member/ VP WSVN introduced the future homeowner, Jennifer O’Neal. Robert discussed Habitat Broward’s mission of providing a hand-up, the selection and education process families go.

Marc BenEzra of Florida Professional Law Group provided the Habitat Broward donation and presented the check with FAPIA to Habitat and Mr. Leider for the volunteer team building opportunity. It was a heartwarming experience to see the homeowner’s gratitude as she thanked the organizations for their efforts, led a prayer and later worked alongside volunteers on her future home. Jennifer, a 13-year Walgreen’s employee and her family have gone through a 2-year process to qualify, to learn about homeownership and to participate in the construction of their future home. They are incredibly grateful to Habitat of Broward and to the volunteers that came out to help with her home.

“Our members are do-gooders who thrive when they see the positive results that their efforts have on their local communities,” said FAPIA’s Managing Director, Nancy Dominguez.

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Florida Professional Law Group aggressively represents residential and commercial property owners to help recover the maximum amount public adjusters and their clients deserve when insurance companies have improperly adjusted, investigated, denied or under-paid a claim. There is often an imbalance of power in these cases. When insurance companies don’t pay a claim, a difficult situation can escalate to the point of needing an attorney. That’s when Florida Professional Law Group steps in to help. Florida Professional Law Group, There for You When your Insurance Company Isn’t ™

Denied Insurance Claims? CALL THE PROPERTY DAMAGE PROS at Florida Professional Law Group! 1-800-LAW-4141 or visit the web site

Florida Professional Law Group presents “Filing Property Insurance Claims” 3 Common Mistakes” at the Dania Beach Hurricane Expo. Preparing for hurricane season should include gathering supplies, knowing your evacuation plan, protecting your property, and reviewing your property insurance policy. If you have property damage it is important that you contact your insurance carrier right away, document the damage, and keep damaged materials.

Check out this important video on the common mistakes property owners make when filing an insurance claim.

DON’T GIVE UP if your property insurance company underpays, delays, or denies your claim. We’d be honored to help you. Send us a message or give our experienced staff a call at 954-300-3016 (or visit us at for a complimentary consultation. Individual results may vary. We serve the entire state of Florida. Office located in Hollywood, FL. No recovery/no fee.

Watch Roni & Stephen’s story to see why you need an attorney if you have damage to your property.

If you are a Florida Homeowner you should know that insurance companies OFTEN delay claims payout, underpaid claims when limitation wouldn’t apply, and denied claims when the homeowner actually had coverage for the damage.

About Florida Professional Law Group
Florida Professional Law Group assists property owners throughout the state of Florida with new, delayed, underpaid, and denied insurance claims. Contact us at 800-LAW-4141 or visit us online at to start your free case evaluation. We aim to help you recover the maximum benefits owed to you under your policy. You may be able to reopen your claim up to five years from the date of loss, even if there was a payment. No out-of-pocket expenses. No fees, if no recovery. Offices in Hollywood, FL.

Marc Ben-Ezra from Florida Professional Law Group here. We hope you’ve been OK through the storm, but in case you’ve got any property damage, we’ve got 4 helpful hints for you.

1. Document the damage. Take pictures, and keep notes, including keep a timeline of what happen and who you’ve spoken with.

2. Your insurance policy requires that you protect the property to prevent any other further damage. If you can do it yourself, that’s fine, but be safe and if you need a preservation company or restoration company, call a professional. If you need a recommendation from our office, please feel free to give us a call.

3. Preserve any damaged material. The insurance company may want to investigate and look at it later.

4. If you call in the claim yourself, be careful about what you say. Stick to the facts and say only what you know. Your insurance policy requires that you tell the truth but it doesn’t require that you guess. So be careful about technical terms as they may mean something different in your policy than they do in real life.

If you want help from a professional, please feel free to call our Attorney-Adjusters at 800-LAW-4141, that’s 800-529-4141, or look us up on the web at

Florida Professional Law Group is located in Hollywood, FL and serves the entire state.

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