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Insurance Claims For Mold Damage

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Is there mold growing inside your home, condo or business? If mold is caused by an event that is covered by your policy, then mold resulting from that event will likely be covered too. While each policy is different, generally covered by insurance policies is:

  • Mold caused by a discharge or overflow of water from broken pipes such as plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and appliances.
  • Mold caused by fire damage
  • Mold caused by lightning damage
  • Mold caused by vandalism, theft, or other mischief-related event
  • Mold caused by fallen objects, such as trees onto your roof

Let’s look at a few examples.

Scenario 1: A broken air conditioning drainage line results in mold damage.

One day you came home from work and noticed water coming up through your floor boards. You called a plumber who found the air conditioning unit had a leak, which only became obvious after cutting a hole in the drywall underneath the handler. The Floor was wet and damaged. In pulling up the flooring, mold was detected underneath the flooring and behind the baseboards. In this scenario, the broken AC line damage should be covered by your insurance company, and subsequent damage resulting from the event may also be covered.

Scenario 2: Hurricane Ian causes roof damage which also results in mold damage.

Tiles from your roof were blown off by Hurricane Ian and water came in through a small opening. You tarped the roof to prevent water damage, but with a significant period of rain following the hurricane, water got under the tarp and down into the attic. You then noticed walls inside your home look unusual. Upon further investigation you find mold in the attic where the roof damage occurred and the walls look unusual due to water staining from the attic leak. In this scenario, hurricane damage may also be covered by the insurance company, and subsequent damage resulting from the event should also be covered.

Unsure if your mold is covered under your insurance policy?

If you have mold, it’s important to have it looked at right away. Mold is a living organism and will continue to grow. Not all mold is bad, but some mold is toxic and has been found to cause numerous health problems. You may even qualify for a mold test with no out of pocket expense if you have a property insurance policy.

Call The Pros

If your property has mold, it’s possible your property may have sustained water damage and your insurance policy may cover the cost of mold removal and repair.  Contact The Professional Law Group for more information and to speak with one of our expert attorneys for a free assessment of your mold situation and to learn what options may be available to you.

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