Broken and Burst Pipes Damage

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Help with Insurance Claims for Broken and Burst Pipe Damage

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Do you have water where it shouldn’t be? Your insurance policy may cover the cost of damage repair resulting from your broken pipe or drain.

Water leaks and sewage backups are common causes of property damage. Supply lines with incoming water can break or develop holes, releasing anywhere from a few gallons to thousands of gallons into your property. Toilets can overflow and do the same thing. Drain lines, often made of cast iron, can break or fail and become blocked and cause wastewater and sewage to back up into your property.

If your property has suffered water damage, you’ve probably already filed an insurance claim to get it repaired. But what if your insurance company denies your claim or doesn’t offer you enough money to repair the damage? That’s when it’s time to get help from an experienced insurance law attorney. Don’t accept your insurer’s first offer as the final offer. The Pro Law Group can help you fight for the coverage you need to repair your home or business after water damage. Learn more about how we can help you by calling (800) 529-4141 or contacting us online.

Common Signs of Water Damage

You don’t have to wait until your claim is denied to get legal help. If you’re not sure whether your water damage will be covered by your insurance policy, contact us when you notice signs of water damage like:

  • Water coming through the floors, walls, or ceiling
  • Drains, toilets, and showers backing up or not draining properly
  • Swollen wood or laminate flooring
  • Cracked or tenting tile flooring
  • Bad smells
  • In condominiums, water coming into your unit from the unit above or from the common areas
  • Mold that seems to appear for no reason

We can help you determine if your insurance company is responsible for the damage and repair.

Potential Water Damage Claims for Homes and Businesses

After your property has been damaged by water, there are several compensatory factors that may affect your claim’s payout. These include:

  • Structural damage: Repairing the damaged structures, such as the burst pipe and any walls, flooring, or fixtures that were affected by the water.
  • Personal property damage: Replacing the personal items you lost to water damage.
  • Mold remediation: Removing mold from your walls, pipes, and HVAC system.
  • Potential lost wages: Compensation for money you couldn’t earn because you were handling the disaster.
  • Business interruptions losses: Compensation for losses your business suffered due to damaged merchandise, lost sales due to store closures, and more.
  • Additional living expenses (ALE): Providing you with funds to live somewhere else while repairs are made to your home.

What to Do If You Have a Broken or Burst Pipe

First, take proactive and immediate measures to stop additional damage from occurring. For example, if you have a burst water supply line, shut off the water source immediately. The insurance company will require you to mitigate further damage until they can send their adjuster to review it.

Second, take pictures and videos of your damage. Keep all damaged components. The plumbing contractor may want to discard these components, but don’t let them. Your insurance company may want to inspect them.

Third, talk to experienced insurance law attorneys. The experts at the Pro Law Group have decades of experience helping clients like you fight for the coverage they need to recover after their properties suffered water damage.

Get Help with Your Broken or Burst Pipe Claim

We know the tricks insurance companies use to underpay or deny claims. Moreover, anything you say may be used against you. You need someone on your side. Contact us for a free consultation before you go any further with your insurance company.

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