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Ready Now℠

You Can Be Prepared and in Control

There is never a good time for an insurance claim. Property damage can cost a lot of money. Insurance claims can cause a lot of stress.

Homeowners may experience the complete or partial loss of their home and have out-of-pocket costs for food and shelter. Business owners can also lose valuable business income in addition to the costs of repairs.

The insurance claims process is confusing and time consuming. The insurance company has a huge advantage. For insurance companies, claims are business as usual. They have adjusters, lawyers, engineers, and other experts on call. On the other hand, most people are unfamiliar with the process and have to deal with it amidst stress and uncertainty.

Insurance claims are usually unexpected and beyond our control.

You can’t control hurricanes, wind, hail and severe weather, fires, water damage, vandalism, and other sources of damage.

You can be prepared and in control.

With the Ready Now Insurance Claim Preparedness ProgramSM you are prepared and in control when the unexpected happens.

The Professional Law Group, PLLC is an insurance law firm specializing in property damage claims. We help homeowners, business owners, investors, associations and lenders with new, underpaid and denied insurance claims. Our team includes attorneys, claim specialists, paralegals, estimators, and other professionals. Insurance claims are what we do. Our clients are located throughout the states of Florida and Texas and we lead them through every step of the process.

The Ready Now Insurance Claim Preparedness SM program covers residential property, commercial property, rental property, association property, businesses, and even aircraft and boats.

apartment or condo water leak damage insurance claim from apartment above
House and condo property damage insurance claims attorney adjusters
boat, yacht and watercraft property damage insurance claims attorney adjusters
business and storefront property damage insurance claims attorney adjusters
airplane and aircraft property damage insurance claims attorney adjusters
business, condo, and office building property damage insurance claims attorney adjusters

What is Ready NowSM

Ready NowSM is preparation for professional handling of insurance claims that may occur in the future.

How Does Ready NowSM Work?

  1. We inspect your property to create a pre-claim property condition report.
  2. We obtain a copy of your insurance policy and information about your mortgage lender (if you have one).
  3. We create and keep a file with all of your property information.
  4. We keep your documents safe, ready to quickly retrieve when property damage occurs.

When property damage occurs, you or your property manager notify us of the loss and we take over from there. We will file the claim, coordinate with the insurance company, inspect the property and create a detailed estimate of the damage. We’ll keep you informed and let you know if we need your assistance. If the insurance company pays and there is a mortgage on the property, we help to comply with the mortgage company’s requirements so that you can repair the property or receive the money. If the insurance company denies or underpays the claim, our experienced insurance litigators can take over and pursue your claim in court.

Ready Now Insurance Claim Preparedness ProgramSM is about peace of mind. It is your way to be prepared and in control.  You deal with your business or your home and family. We deal with the insurance company and your claim.

Who Can Benefit from Ready NowSM?

The Ready NowSM program is available to insurance policy holders in Florida and Texas and those responsible for managing insurance claims on behalf of insureds including:

  • Homeowners
  • Investors
  • Condo associations and HOAs
  • Business owners
  • Businesses with multiple locations
  • Hotels and motels
  • Mortgage companies
  • Nursing homes and assisted living facilities
  • Home rental companies
  • Property management companies

Ready Now℠ makes a great gift for homeowners!

How Much Does Ready NowSM Cost?

The Ready NowSM program includes:

  • A pre-claim property inspection
  • A pre-claim property condition report with photos
  • Set-up fee and storage of your pre-claim documents
  • A personal property worksheet and access to our email tips

We even refund the set-up fee when you file a claim with us.

After the initial set-up fee there are no other attorney’s fees or costs unless there is an actual insurance claim and unless we collect money for you. We are not paid unless you are paid. For claims that are settled without litigation our fees are a percentage of the amount collected. If it is necessary to engage in litigation with the insurance company some or all of your attorney’s fees may be paid by the insurance company.

Don’t Wait for Hurricane Season.

The best time to get organized and get prepared is before damage occurs. For more information, contact us at 800-LAW-4141 to learn more or to get started. Every year in Florida and Texas property owners and management companies worry about what the hurricane season will bring.

Put your mind at ease with the Ready Now Insurance Claim PreparednessSM program. Don’t worry. Get Ready NowSM!

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Don't Wait for Hurricane Season. Be Ready Now℠.

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