Brandon Arrow


Brandon Arrow is an insurance and property prelitigation and litigation attorney. He helps property owners and lenders with coverage and valuation disputes with their insurance companies. Brandon’s aim is to get his clients the compensation they deserve from the insurance companies when they have denied or underpaid a claim.

Brandon has worked on both sides of the fence. He currently represents insureds, but at one time, he represented a handful of different insurance companies. When fighting for his clients, his past experience working for the insurance companies gives him an edge when it comes to being able to predict how insurance companies will behave and handle a claim. Brandon has been practicing law since 2013 and has been in front of many judges in Broward County, Dade County, and Palm Beach County and throughout the state of Florida.

While at Florida State University, Brandon was a member of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity where he helped multiple philanthropies, such as Camp Boggy Creek founded by Paul Newman. While in law school, at Nova Southeastern University, he founded the Intellectual Property Law Society and served as president during its inaugural year.

Outside of the courtroom, Brandon enjoys traveling to other countries, learning new languages, Olympic weightlifting, and spending time with his family in Texas and Florida. Brandon was born in Miami and has lived in South Florida for his entire life.


  • Nova Southeastern University, Juris Doctor, 2010
  • Florida State University, Bachelor of Science, Political Science, 2007

Memberships & Affiliations

  • The Florida Bar, Member
  • State Bar of Texas, Member




Brandon Arrow at the Florida Association of Professional Insurance Adjuster’s Conference, Spring 2018

Client Success Story

“One of my most memorable cases was of a client who had two separate claims on two different dates of loss. This really complicated matters in addition to the fact that this client had force-placed insurance. Force-placed insurance is when the mortgage company places insurance on the mortgage property to protect their own interest. They do this without any input from the client whatsoever. This complicates matters because the client is not a named insured on the policy. They are merely a homeowner in this situation and the contract of insurance is between both the mortgage company and the insurance company. When it comes time to make a claim, it is nearly impossible to obtain any basic information. This is because the mortgage company and the insurance company refuse to speak to the homeowner because they’re not privy to the contract between the mortgage company and the homeowner’s insurance company.

In this case we successfully pressed litigation and were able to obtain a settlement for the client. The settlement amount gave them enough money to repair the damages to their roof and fix the interior damages to their home. This is a great example of how you should always get your own insurance for the property when purchasing your own home. Don’t leave it to the mortgage company. The insurance you purchase should give you enough to cover both the damages to the dwelling as well as any personal property and additional living expenses you may incur.”

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