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Yemil Aragon practices insurance law, aggressively representing people and companies whose insurance companies have denied or underpaid their claim. He is dedicated to representing property owners in their quest for a fair settlement from their insurance company. Yemil also represents service providers with assignment of benefits claims against insurance companies.

Outside the courtroom Yemil enjoys computer programming, photography, and spending time with his children, Ansel and Amelia. Yemil was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine and has lived in South Florida since 2000. Yemil speaks Spanish fluently.


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Personal Client Success Story​

“One of my most memorable cases was of a business owner whose pizzeria lost power for an entire week during Hurricane Irma. All the pizzeria’s perishable food went bad and there was a loss of several thousands of dollars for this client. Because the business was closed for a week, he also lost significant business income as he was not able to operate the business normally.

The client of course reached out to his insurance company asking to help. Unfortunately they very quickly turned around and said, ‘there’s no coverage. You have a hurricane exclusion and your damages were caused by the hurricane, so too bad we cannot help you’.

The client asked us to help. I was assigned as his litigation attorney. I investigated the claim and uncovered important facts. It was true that the initial damages were caused by the loss of power caused by the hurricane. However, the reason why the power stayed off for a week was not due to the hurricane but rather due to the failure of a power grid and this policy did not have an exclusion for that. So with that in mind we filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the insurance company. Less than 14 days later we were able to settle this claim successfully for the client, and he was able to get his business back up and running.”

Yemil Aragon
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“My attorney, Yemil Aragon, was on the ball. He made sure the insurance company paid exactly what they owed me and nothing less. I was very happy with the way they handled my case. They got me well over 3x what my insurance company originally offered. And now I have the money to put my house back to good shape. I can’t thank them more.”

Mark H.

five stars outlines

“Good evening, Yemil. I told my neighbor about the fantastic job you did on my insurance claim. Her home was destroyed by Hurricane Irma. She is still fighting with her insurance company. I told her she needs an attorney and I recommended you. Thanks again for everything.”

Doris B.

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