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3 Tips for When the Insurance Company Gives You the Runaround

Insurance claims are usually not fun to deal with. In fact, they can be quite a hassle, especially if the insurance company is trying to give you the runaround. The key is understanding what you should do if your insurer isn’t giving you results — or even denies or underpays the claim. Here are three tips you should put into action if your insurer is taking you for a ride.

Document All Communications

Legally, an insurance company has an obligation to acknowledge they’ve received your claim, usually within 14 days. This is typically done through a phone call or a letter.That’s why it’s paramount that you save any and all communication between you and the insurance company and document it each time you attempt to contact them. It’ll be important information in the event you must hire an attorney to help get things rolling on your claim.

Retain an Insurance Attorney That Works on Contingency to Represent You

An insurance attorney handles legal matters related to insurance claims and insurance law. Insurance law is a specialized area of the law dealing with the use, payment, and sale of insurance policies. If you’re having difficulty getting the insurance company to respond to your claim or to investigate your loss, then an insurance attorney can help to spur them into action. 

Cease All Communication with the Insurance Company

Once you’ve decided to hire an insurance attorney, it’s important that you stop communicating with the insurance company altogether. Let the attorney handle the communication from that point forward to ensure you have the best chance of getting what you’re entitled to from your insurer. Do you feel as if you’re getting the runaround from your insurer? You don’t have to put up with it! We’re here to help. Contact us for a free consultation today! There are no costs or fees unless we recover money for you.

We are Insurance Attorneys.

That means we are able to strategically handle your insurance claims from start to finish using our 6 step  Claims Process. Our service even includes property claim litigation if necessary. With The Professional Law Group you’re getting a premium service, backed by the power of a full law firm with experienced property damage insurance attorneys and staff. There are no costs or fees if we don’t win.  Property damage claims are what we do, all day, every day.

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