How to Get From ‘Denied’ to ‘Paid’ with Your Insurance Company

So your insurance company denied your property damage claim? It’s possible that the claim simply isn’t covered by your policy. However, in our experience, many denied claims should actually be paid.

First, here are 3 reasons why your legitimate insurance claim may have been denied:

  1. You didn’t document what happened well enough. This includes taking pictures and video of your property damage. You should record all evidence of the damage. And this brings us to #2.
  2. You discarded damaged materials. If your roof tiles fall off from wind damage, keep them. Stack them up in a corner until the claim has been settled. Just like taking pictures and video of the damage, keeping your actual damaged material provides important evidence and clues as to the cause of the damage.
  3. You inadvertently said something to a representative of the insurance company that was used to deny the claim. You have an obligation to tell the truth. You don’t have an obligation to guess. Insurance policies contain many complicated provisions that can provide or take away coverage. Guessing about what caused the damage or using a common expression to describe something with a technical definition can give the insurance company a reason to deny your claim.

Is it too late to reopen a claim once the insurance company denies it?

Not necessarily. For example, one client came to us with a denied claim for damage due to a water leak under her sink. Her attorney from Florida Professional Group was able to recover $15,000. Another client owned a commercial building that had vandalized central air conditioning units. His insurance company denied the claim but we were able to recover $25,000 for our client.

How to get from ‘denied’ to ‘paid’ with your insurance company.

Once your insurance company has denied your claim they consider it a closed case. But you shouldn’t. Your next step should be to consult with a law firm that focuses on insurance claims. Unfortunately seeking legal help is your only real option after the insurance company denies your claim. Here at Florida Professional Law Group our focus is insurance claims. Once we take your case our first step is to evaluate your situation and assign you to one of our expert attorneys to you. Your attorney will make contact with the insurance company. They will demand a fair settlement offer and provide a copy of our estimator’s damage report. Then, aggressive negotiation by your attorney takes place, and if necessary, we will go to court to fight for what you deserve. 

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