How to File a Florida Home Insurance Claim the Right Way

No one wants to have to deal with their insurance company, but if your house has undergone serious damage, it must be done.

Don’t rush through the process though. Decisions about home insurance claims are often made within a month after they are filed. If you make a mistake on your claim, you will have to go through this painstaking process all over again and potentially accumulate even more costs!

To avoid this frustration, you need to learn how to file a home insurance claim the right way. This will save you time, money, and the headache of going back and forth with your insurance company.

Tips for Filing a Home Insurance Claim and Getting Compensation Faster

If you want proper compensation fast, you should start working for it as soon as you discover damage and ensure you follow all the rules to a “T.”

What exactly do you need to do to give yourself the best chance at having your claim approved?

Mitigate the damage.

Under the terms of your policy, when damage occurs you have an obligation to “mitigate” it. This means that you must take action to stabilize the situation and prevent the damage from getting worse. As soon as you notice a problem, if you don’t know how to do it yourself, hire a professional to mitigate the damage. It is your responsibility to stop further damage and if you don’t, your claim will suffer. Take action fast. That means calling in help if necessary.

A small leak could turn into big damage before you know it. And you will likely be on the hook for it. Reach out to a contractor if you need repairs, treatments, or other work done to your home. You can request a free damage inspection by contacting The Professional Law Group at

Have an insurance attorney read over your insurance policy.

Before you go through the trouble of reaching out to your insurance company, make sure you’re actually covered. Get confirmation that the damages you experienced fall under your policy. Reputable attorneys will review policies for free. Florida property owners can request their free policy review by calling 800-529-4141.

An attorney can also make sure that your claim is filed in a timely manner. An attorney will also know how to deal with the insurance company if it says that your claim was filed “too late.” If you wait too long, the insurer may argue that it is not obligated to pay you, no matter what kind of damage was done to your home. It is important to file your claim on time. In addition, with the proper experienced representation, it may be possible for a claim to be paid long after the actual damage.

Do not call your insurance company yourself. You may think that you are telling them straight English, but you may be using words with technical meaning that they will likely use to justify not paying you. Instead, have an attorney represent you and handle the insurance company. There is no upfront cost for you to hire a contingency-only firm like The Professional Law Group.

The insurance company does not want you to know this, but if you hire a serious law firm, your attorneys will only get paid based on a percentage that you get paid. They will fight for a quick settlement to make you whole again as soon as possible. If the insurance company does not comply, your lawyers will be ready to take your claim to court. If they win, they have the ability to demand from the insurance company the payment of their fees. If they lose, you owe nothing. Either way, there is no out-of-pocket expense for you.

Document everything.

Before the contractor comes, take photos and even videos of the damage.

After they begin work, keep every piece of paperwork they give you. Document everything. Keep all receipts. Create a home inventory of your property before and after the damage.

File a police report.

Why would you call the police for damage to your home? If the damage was done by burglars or arsonists, your documentation should include a police report.

Go to the police as soon as possible and remember to get a copy of the report for your records.

Seek legal help.

A lawyer can help you navigate these claims and get you the compensation you deserve. An insurance attorney can ensure you are following the appropriate procedures. Lawyers dedicated to insurance claims are better prepared to stand up for your rights if the insurance company fights paying what you deserve. If the insurance company attempts to underpay or deny the claim, an insurance attorney is well-suited to handle the situation and fight for your full and fair settlement.

Additionally,  if a contractor, neighbor, or other party caused the damage through recklessness or negligence, or if you were injured by a defective product, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit.

At The Professional Law Group, we’re here to help you through this process.

As insurance attorneys who also adjust claims, Florida Professional Law Group helps homeowners get the compensation they deserve — not just what their insurance company offers. If you are filing a home insurance claim, let us help you achieve the best possible outcome.

About The Professional Law Group

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