What Your Home Insurance Does Not Want You to Know

Home insurance companies market themselves as being on your side. Protecting you when you need it most. Providing you with a safety net.

And to an extent, that’s true. You pay regular premiums, so they’ll cover the cost whenever you suffer a big loss that’s covered by your policy.

But insurance companies are also for-profit businesses. The more they pay out to their customers, the more it cuts into their bottom line. This means they try as hard as possible to pay out as little as possible.

This is why insurance adjusters are trained negotiators. They know how to talk to you to get you to accept a lowball amount — or to convince you that your claim is invalid.

Here’s the thing, though: you don’t have to just take it. You have rights. And you can fight back.

5 Secrets to Getting a Better Deal from Your Home Insurance Company

Here are five things that your home insurance company doesn’t want you to know.

You Do Not Have to Agree to the Assigned Contractor

Your insurance company will try to pawn you off on their base-level contractor to do their personal estimate of your damages. But you do not have to agree. You have autonomy in your choice to hire a trusted contractor. And you should.


Because by using the assigned contractor and appraiser of damages, you are helping the insurance company save money. They can hire any affordable contractor with a low-level reputation while having the added benefit of getting a final say over your damages.


Take back your power and authority concerning the investigation of your damages. Talk to your network or an experienced attorney, and get recommendations for the best-suited appraiser for your unique case and specific needs.

You Get Paid If They Miss a Deadline

Homeowners have very specific deadlines they are required to meet with their insurer. And if you make a mistake, you can bet they will hold you accountable, and it will impact your claim.

But did you know that insurers have deadlines they must meet, too? That’s right. And if they miss their deadlines, then you have the right to collect.

Of course, no insurer will tell you about the deadlines they have to meet, and you’re unlikely to be aware of them.


Hire a trusted lawyer to fight for your right to more money. Your attorney will manage these deadlines on your behalf. We are full-claim managers and will even take your insurance company to court if necessary.

They May Underpay Or Deny Your Claim Without Reasonable Cause

A sly game that insurance companies will play is to undervalue or outright deny your claim solely to make you go away. This is not legal. But unfortunately, most homeowners simply don’t know enough about insurance laws and regulations to effectively fight back.

It’s a game of cat-and-mouse that usually results in the homeowner giving up and leaving with their tail between their legs.


Do not let them win this game. If they plan to deny your claims, you are owed a legitimate reason. If their offer seems low, there are ways that you can negotiate to increase it.

You Can Still Hire an Attorney Post-Denial

For many, a denial seems like the end. But even if your insurer has denied your claim, it’s not as final as it may feel. You may be entitled to reopen your insurance claim up to five years from the date of loss, even if it’s been settled.


You can hire a lawyer to fight their decision and potentially receive your full payout — even after the insurance company has submitted a lowball offer or denied your claim.

There’s Typically No Out-of-Pocket Expense to Hire an Attorney

Home insurance companies do not want you to hire an attorney because (to put it frankly) studies have proven that this will lead to them paying you more money. So a myth has been created that people have to shell out big bucks for lawyers to even look at their case.

Not true.

At the Florida Professional Law Group, most of our cases are taken on a contingency basis. Essentially, we charge no costs or fees unless there is a recovery made.


Hire legal help. If you win, your attorney wins. So your attorney always has your best interest at heart. The same cannot be said for the insurance providers.

Each year, insurance providers extend millions of dollars to lobbyists and politicians to put a barrier between you and your rights to sue those that harm you.

Don’t let them get away with it. Contact the Florida Professional Law Group now at (800) LAW-4141 for a complimentary consultation and inspection of your damages.

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